Sprinkles Land

Sprinkles Land is your new dessert destination with the latest and trendiest dessert creations in New York City!  We are located in Lower Manhattan at 38 Park Row, right by City Hall Park.

At Sprinkles Land, we present our photo-worthy desserts in decadent to-go wine glasses to suit the needs of our stylish, on the go New Yorkers.  Our signature soft-serve ice cream include our Tiramisu Lover – made with real mascarpone cheese, Your Honey – served with honeycomb and a syringe of pure honey, Green Garden – green tea ice cream with layers of melted cheese, and our Rainbow Castle – a multi‑color creation.  We also remade traditional Asian desserts, into ultimate to-go drinks, and we offer fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes (with exotic flavors such as durian and taro), and to-go Dim Sums.

We Deliver

Signature Wine Glass Ice Cream

Tiramisu Lover Ice Cream

Tiramisu Lover

Our signature soft-serve Tiramisu ice cream – a rich and heavenly frozen twist to the classic Italian dessert.

Your Honey Ice Cream

Your Honey

Rich soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with premium honeycomb and served with a syringe of pure honey.

Green Garden Ice Cream

Green Garden

Silky soft-serve green tea ice cream entwined with delightful layers of melted cheese.

Rainbow Castle Ice Cream

Rainbow Castle

Dazzling multi-color ice cream, complete with a unicorn marshmallow treat and strawberry cream-covered biscuits.

Other Sprinkles Land Favorites

Bubble Tea

Special Drinks


Dim Sum